Roxanne Hill is a well respected Upholster. Since 1988, Roxanne has been specializing in residential and commercial reupholstering . She is a self taught upholster and began by helping to  restore automobiles with her husband . Some of the cars she was involved with refurbishing  were a 1936 Cord, 1962 Rolls Royce, 1965 Rolls Royce, 1959 convertible Cadillac,1939 Cadillac, 8/10 Cord owned by Barbara Streisand and many more. Roxanne helped out a local furniture upholster cutting and sewing while his seamstress was ill. She soon realized that  she enjoyed  reupholstering furniture so much more then the automobiles. Roxanne  also worked as a custom decorator for a while.  She then set out on her own and started  her own business Brass Tacks Upholstery. This business grew to have three full time upholster and five decorators including herself  in 3,000 square foot building.  The store also carried in stock fabrics. Then another store was started call Fabric outlet which carried end of the mill and closeout fabrics on the roll. At this time Roxanne was also involved with community . She held a position on the board of the Chamber of Commerce in Lee's Summit and was the chairperson of the Retail Small business Association.
 Roxanne received the President of the Chambers award of retailer of the year.Roxanne was ask to be President of the Chamber of Commerce but had to decline due to the demands of her business.  A recession hit in the early 1990's and her husband fell ill. She  decided to close both businesses . Roxanne loved doing re-upholstery so much she then decided to continue to do reupholstering out of her home .

Born and raised in Kansas City,Missouri, Roxanne has always had an affinity for elements of structural design and aesthetics. Her father was a architect and mother a artist. This gave her abilities  to be creative in what ever she does. Her husband gave her the drive to be a entrepreneur.
She is married to the same man for 40 years.  Has  one son . He is  married with two grandson and third one on the way.

Roxanne's work has given her the reputation of one of the best in the area and a true professional. Always taking care of her customers. She was pleased to have decorated the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce in downtown Lee's Summit back in the 1990's. Her work is still there and being used. The colors and style are traditional and so it still looks good today . She considered that when she decorated it. The building is the old train depot.  Another one of her favorite pieces she did was  two sofa's that belong to Lou Lou Long. They came out of the Longview Farm Mansion and are currently being used in the New Longview homes design center.  These sofa's had huge claw and ball feet. Beautiful wood detail and lots of buttons. It had the original horse hair and cotton padding. Roxanne  re-webbed and retied the springs to bring theses pieces back up to their original glory. She added up to date foam for comfort but also put back the original horse hair and cotton to keep it as original as possible.

Roxanne does work for many well know and established decorating  firms in Lee's  Summit and the Kansas City area.

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